Stephen King’s 1994 The Stand Miniseries Coming To Blu-Ray This Fall

The-Stand-CBS-miniseries-Stephen-King (1)

Anything can happen in the Stephen King universe. Vampires, ghosts, supernatural killer clowns and more are all possible in the works of the master of horror. Reality, however, is a different story.

It’s been twenty-five years since a 1994 adaptation of his novel The Stand captivated television viewers. During that quarter century, fans have been begging for the beloved miniseries to be remastered on Blu-Ray but with each passing year, it seemed like more and more of a pipe dream.

Any semblance of hope they still clung to was dashed when director Mick Garris said there was a “zero percent chance” that the production would ever make it to Blu-Ray, given that it was shot on 16mm film. After all, going back to the original negative and recreating an HD version of the show would be extremely arduous and therefore would never happen, according to Garris.

Thankfully, he was very wrong. As the upcoming reboot of The Stand draws nearer, those in charge decided to finally give fans what they want by releasing the original miniseries on Blu-Ray. They must have felt that the effort would be worth it in order to promote the rapidly approaching show coming to CBS All Access.

For those unaware, the series is based off of the bestselling post-apocalyptic horror novel by King. It expands upon the scenario of his earlier short story “Night Surf” by presenting the reader with a detailed vision of the total breakdown of society following the accidental release of a modified strain of influenza that wipes out practically all of the world’s population.

Hollywood has been trying to adapt the tale to the big screen for years, but to no avail. Now, CBS’ streaming service seems intent to make sure this attempt is actually successful. Famed musician Marilyn Manson recently joined the cast, along with fellow stars Amber Heard and James Marsden.

Though nothing has been announced as of yet, a 2020 release seems likely for the reboot. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the remastered Blu-Ray edition of the 1994 miniseries The Stand, which will be available this September.