Steve Coogan Is Happyish In Trailer For The Upcoming Showtime Series


Audiences will soon be getting Happyish, as the highly anticipated Showtime series finally makes its debut next month. The show that was initially beset by tragedy – as original star Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away – has respectfully re-cast, re-grouped and re-shot, and a snippet of the result is now available in a new trailer. Striking a much lighter tone than expected, Happyish now stars Steve Coogan, employing an accent that is perhaps best described as ‘American-ish.’

Thom Payne (Coogan) has hit his mid-40s, and is facing the prospect of working for a new, younger, more hip boss who has assumed control of his workplace. A bundle of contradictions, Thom is concerned about erectile dysfunction, but worries that chemical remedies may counteract his anti-depressants. He loathes the current youth-focused trends, but tries his best to make skinny jeans work. Mostly, he wonders if he could be happier, but suspects that this desire is simply the result of social brainwashing.

As a premise, it is reminiscent of the plight in which we find Steve Martin’s character at the beginning of 1989’s Parenthood (without the surprise pregnancy, if the Viagra jokes are anything to go by) – which is a solid idea in itself, but here looks to be elevated by an excellent cast. Alongside Steve Coogan is Kathryn Hahn (This Is Where I Leave You), Ellen Barkin (Ocean’s Thirteen), Carrie Preston (The Good Wife), and Bradley Whitford (Transparent) – and they all appear to be bringing their ‘A game’ to this particular match.

Happyish is created by Shalom Auslander, who is a newcomer to the dramedy television landscape, and wrote each of the ten half-hour long episodes in the series. Directors include Ken Kwapis (The Office, Parks And Recreation) and John Cameron Mitchell (Rabbit Hole), and Antonia Ellis (Sex And The City) numbers among the producers. The series premiere is scheduled for April 26th, 2015 at 9.30pm on Showtime, at which point audiences will find out if Coogan can grow into that accent.

Source: The Playlist

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