New Loki Photos Tease A Trio Of Lokis


Disney Plus’ Loki has already turned heads with its timeline-hopping action. We’ve seen worlds end, discovered the dark secret at the heart of the TVA, and been introduced to Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, who’s destined for long-term MCU popularity. Tomorrow will see the penultimate episode air, with the finale coming next Wednesday.

Exactly how all this is going to shake out is anyone’s guess, but the fourth episode ended with ‘our’ Loki being pruned and sent to some kind of mysterious destroyed world. In the post-credits scene we met four more Loki variants: Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki, Jack Veal’s Kid Loki, Deobia Operei’s Boastful Loki, and a crocodile Loki (fans have dubbed him ‘Croci’). But some further hints have come in a new ESPN teaser, which Redditor redstarmetalarm took some cool screengrabs of. Check them out:

The last of these is most interesting as it seems to tease the ‘President Loki’ that’s featured in the show’s posters but is yet to appear. The current fan theory is that this will be a Loki variant who succeeded in his plan to take over the Earth, though the world has collapsed into chaos under his rule. If this proves true, expect some soul-searching as the core Loki realizes that even in victory he’s ultimately doomed to fail.

Beyond this, I’m hoping this episode will provide some answers on who’s really behind the TVA. Anyone with half a brain could tell that the Time-Keepers were going to be a red herring, so I bet the revelation of the person pulling the strings will be a fun.

Fingers crossed we find out tomorrow, when episode five of Loki airs on Disney Plus.