Strange New Star Wars Toy Lets You Beat Up The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda

Toy company Bop It! is releasing a rubber toy in the image of Baby Yoda. The adorable green infant from the Disney+ hit The Mandalorian is becoming available for purchase online and its appeal, like other Bob It! items, lies in its smooth, stretchy surface, which can be twisted and turned in any way the possessor desires.

Though designed for stress relief and durability, Bop It! toys have become known, first and foremost, for their indestructibility. Because of this, the internet is marketing this Baby Yoda toy as “punchable” even though neither the company itself nor Disney, which owns Lucasfilm as well as the rights to the character, are doing so.

Why would anyone feel the urge to punch the adorable little poster boy for this beloved series, you ask? Well, the answer is implicit in the question. When The Mandalorian first came out, it didn’t take long for pictures of Baby Yoda to pop up all over the internet.

From memes to YouTube videos to late night talk shows, there was literally no escaping the little booger. His cutesy design, evidently used by Disney as a marketing ploy for the show itself, attracted viewers who had never been interested in the Star Wars universe before, and all they henceforth associated this amazing property with was Baby Yoda.

Considering the overwhelming and perhaps even disproportional popularity of the character, then, it appears that Bob It! has made itself the perfect toy. For those who adore The Child, this rubbery puppet remake is a cute companion. For those who hate him, he’s an equally amiable punching bag.

What’s your personal opinion on Baby Yoda, though? Did you think he added to or detracted from the overall quality of The Mandalorian? However you feel about the character, let us know in the comments!