Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer Welcomes You Back To Hawkins


Some doors can’t be closed, it seems.

During their appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Netflix went ahead and rolled out the official trailer for Stranger Things season 2, which will be with us on October 27th.

Comprised of nine episodes in total – up one from the original run of eight – series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, along with producer Shawn Levy, have consistently promised a darker, more intense thrill ride for the folks of Hawkins, Indiana, and it all stems from that otherworldly realm known to you, I, and poor old Will Byers as the Upside Down.

Noah Schnapp’s haunted, soft-spoken character is said to be the focal point of Stranger Things‘ sophomore run, and after coughing up a slug at the tail-end of season 1, fans have stipulated that Will Byers will become a walking, talking conduit of the Upside Down. And that can only portend all kinds of supernatural trouble for Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and the rest of the gang.

In fact, Will is the focus of attention early in the trailer – as he, his mother Joyce (Winona Ryder), and Jim Hopper (David Harbour) struggle with the aftermath of his ordeal. He experiences strange, terrifying visions that provide ample opportunity for stunning visual work from the filmmakers behind the show, and excellent performances from the young cast. Then, the references begin. We see Ghostbusters paraphernalia during Halloween festivities, 1980s arcade games, and we hear the familiar opening refrains of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which is used brilliantly.

Suddenly, the game is afoot, and the whole thing picks up pace – drawing an image of an epic battle for supremacy between the Upside Down, and our own reality. We hear talk of “it” spreading, and Will announces that “it” doesn’t want him – it wants “everyone else.” As the whole thing reaches a climax, there’s Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), making her much anticipated return. Given the way in which she fully realized her awesome powers at the end of season 1, we’re left to wonder what she might achieve in this next outing.

Behind the scenes, Matt and Ross Duffer helmed multiple episodes of Stranger Things season 2, as did longtime producer Shawn Levy, but we understand the Netflix original also opened its doors to Rebecca Thomas and Pixar stalwart Andrew Stanton, who directed one instalment a piece. That rotating roster of filmmakers looks set to be a cornerstone of Things‘ creative process, which is expected to span “four or five seasons” in total.

Stranger Things season 2 begins October 27th on Netflix.