Stranger Things Season 3 Has A Shocking Post-Credits Scene

Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 3 finally touched down on Netflix yesterday, July 4th, and fans simply couldn’t wait to watch Eleven, Mike, Hopper and the rest of the Hawkins gang on their latest adventure. In fact, most viewers immediately binged the entire eight-episode third season in one go, choosing to forget the Independence Day celebrations and instead spend time with the spooky supernatural series.

But for those of you who perhaps aren’t so dedicated, and are still working your way through the new run, know that there’s a post-credits scene once the season comes to an end. And in case you weren’t aware from the title of this article, we’ll say that from here on out, we’ll be diving into full spoiler territory – so turn back now if you’ve yet to finish watching. Or continue on if you simply can’t wait to find out what awaits you after the credits. The choice is yours.

Still with us? Good, because we’re about to dive in…

The scene in question shows us that in an area in Russia identified as Kamchatka, there’s a Soviet facility that’s housing a Demogorgon, who we see about to attack a poor Russian prisoner before the screen cuts to black. Just the very fact that there’s a Demogorgon though means that the danger isn’t over despite the gang’s actions in the finale.

How exactly the creature got there is still unclear, but either way, that it’s able to exist with no apparent connection to the Mind Flayer is certainly interesting. And, of course, it makes you wonder, why exactly are the Russians housing a Demogorgon and what do they plan on using it for?

Then there’s also that bit at the start of the scene, where a reference is made to a mysterious American prisoner who we don’t get to see. Who exactly is this, and is he/she related to the events in Hawkins? Could it be Hopper? Or perhaps Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner?

The questions are endless, but with producer Shawn Levy already promising that Stranger Things will return for season 4, fans can rest easy knowing they’ll eventually get answers.