Stranger Things Season 4 Expected To Resume Production In September

Stranger Things

The COVID-19 coronavirus has now infected nearly 11 million people worldwide and has claimed the lives of over 515,000. Things are looking the worst in the United States, which still remains the epicenter of the pandemic, as coronavirus cases continue to rise exponentially day after day. With 2.75 million confirmed cases and 130,000 deaths, things are looking grim in the wake of many states pushing to continue reopening their economies.

Although streaming platforms like Netflix have had no problem consistently releasing top-tier content to keep everyone busy during the pandemic, production on nearly all of their original programming has been halted due to the outbreak. Dozens of wildly popular shows like The Witcher, Grace & Frankie, Glow and Lucifer have been hit with lengthy delays, all but ensuring their respective upcoming seasons will be postponed past their original release dates.

However, according to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, one of the platform’s most beloved franchises may resume production as soon as September. The site states that sources have indicated Stranger Things will begin shooting its fourth season again on September 17th in Georgia.

John Rooker, founder and owner of Atlanta Metro Studios, had this to say about Georgia studios returning to work:

Georgians want to get back to work and show that we can not only beat this virus but be leaders in this industry to hopefully encourage America to get back to work.

We don’t know a ton about what to expect in season 4 of Stranger Things yet, but the appearance of Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) in the teaser trailer seems to imply that he survived the crazy events that transpired at the end of last season, leaving fans to speculate on where he is now and how he may continue to connect to the overall plot in a new place. The actor himself has stated that some big reveals are on the way about Hopper’s backstory, so there should be plenty of mystery to uncover when the show returns.

Season 4 of Stranger Things has no release date yet, but stay tuned for further updates.