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‘Stranger Things’ actor describes what it’s like hanging with Vecna between takes

'It's kind of hilarious, this tiny cigarette and these big fingers.'

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Stranger Things is back on the air with its fourth season, has introduced new characters and a new antagonist in the form of Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower. While the Freddy Krueger-inspired creation can seem scary, Joseph Quinn, who also joined the cast for season four, says the creepy costume has the opposite effect off-camera.

“It’s so funny because he’s kind of terrifying on camera and then you see him with these massive fingers and then kind of in between takes, he’s got a ciggy in between them. It’s kind of hilarious, this tiny cigarette and these big fingers. And just kind of watching him have an iced coffee is a pretty surreal sight.”

Quinn commented on the disconnect in an interview with People today. In the piece, Quinn says he would not mind playing Vecna if he could. However, he likes his own character, Eddie Munson, because there is more to him than meets the eye.

“He’s an audacious metalhead and he’s in and amongst all the crazy action this season. But I love him because I think there’s many facets to him. I think you first meet him and he’s very kind of adolescent and kind of attention-seeking and competitive and precocious. And then, through the events of the season, we see him in very, kind of, vulnerable positions.”

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things‘ fourth season are now streaming. The last two will premiere July 1, and the show has also been renewed for a fifth and final season alongside a spinoff the creators of the science-fiction series are presently developing.

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