Stylish Character Posters For The Walking Dead Season 7 Paint Negan’s Targets

However things shake out, October 23 will be a day long remembered by The Walking Dead faithful, and though the creative talent behind AMC’s apocalyptic flagship have stressed that things will get much, much worse before they get better, fans will be pining for answers once season 7 finally premieres.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that AMC has fed off the nail-biting season 6 finale and used that cliffhanger as the basis for its expansive marketing campaign in the lead up to The Walking Dead season 7. That strategy continues today with the release of stylish new character posters, positioning the likes of Rick, Maggie and Co. as though they were deers in the headlights, staring down the mouth of madness (read: Negan). Hailing from TV Guide, CBR, EW and Variety, you can find all of the one-sheets up above, while a glowering Gabriel and Dwight can be seen here.

In what’s shaping up to be a busy week for The Walking Dead, AMC executive Josh Sapan likened AMC’s zombie tentpole to Star Trek in that it has the potential to run for years and years, possibly seeding a number of spinoff series under the one post-apocalyptic umbrella.

“[Star Trek] came and went three times. We do think that we have a franchise [in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead] that is one of the rare franchises that you occasionally come across in what we do for a living.”

We’re exactly one month out from the premiere of The Walking Dead season 7, and AMC’s marketing machine shows no signs of slowing down. Elsewhere, be sure to toss your name in the hat for our latest contest to be in with a chance of winning TWD season 6 on Blu-ray.

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