Stylish Legion Poster Teases A Dose Of Mind-Blowing Action


With a premiere date officially set – February 8, for those keeping track – FX is really beginning to drum up excitement for Legion, the X-Men spinoff series headlined by Dan Stevens.

Stevens, who will soon be cordially invited to Disney’s re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast, is set to take point as David Haller, the estranged son of one Professor Charles Xavier. Having spent much of his life in and out of psychiatric care, David is a reticent, withdrawn individual nursing a severe case of schizophrenic, and in an effort to illustrate that internal struggle, FX has lifted the lid on a suitably mind-blowing poster for Legion that depicts clouds of colorful smoke billowing from David’s fragile mind. It is, without question, an eye-catching tease, and we’re hopeful that Noah Hawley’s (Fargo) offshoot can deliver on its promise of an intriguing new addition to the overarching X-Men franchise.

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If nothing else, FX’s newfound series is set to become one of the most eccentric and visually stunning offerings on the network’s slate, with a recent batch of promos shedding light on the show’s wild side.

Carving out its own timeline independent from the Marvel/X-Men universe, Legion also stars Rachel Keller, Katie Aselton and Aubrey Plaza as Lenny, a chatty patient who befriends David while the two are housed up in hospital. Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz are the brains behind the original comic series, to which this poster acts as a neat homage.

Ready to have your mind blown? Look for Legion to premiere via FX on Wednesday, February 8 at 10pm EST.