It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review “Charlie And Dee Find Love” (Season 8, Episode 4)

So far Season 8 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has proven that when you take the people who know a show and its characters the best, and also happen to be some of the most brilliant comedic minds in show-biz, and let them do all the writing themselves, the result will not disappoint. Glenn Howerton, Rob Mcelhenney, and Charlie Day have shown they know how to get the best out of their show, and the result of their writing has been a few of the funniest episodes in show history and an extremely strong start to the season.

Tonight, the trio cranked out another excellent episode with Charlie And Dee Find Love, which brought back another favorite guest star: The Waitress.

The episode kicks off with Charlie and Dee watching the waitress as she is on her food delivery route. Charlie questions what she’s doing, but not in terms of delivering food. He’s disturbed by the fact she so willingly leaves her bike unchained. Naturally, in his mind, the next man walking down the street is certain to make off with her bike, so he does his best watchdog and scares the man away.

The Waitress is mad at Charlie, but he insists that he’s been doing tons of essential things for her on a daily basis. She demands he stops, and for the first time in show history, it looks as if Charlie finally realizes the absurdity of his obsession.

As Charlie and Dee attempt to continue on their way, a car crashes into Dee’s, causing her to charge at the other driver in a rage. However, the other driver and his sister are incredibly attractive, and both Dee and Charlie are speechless other than an enamored “hi” (and a classic dry-heave from Dee.)

Back at the bar, the rest of the Gang expresses confusion that instead of getting angry, the siblings invited Dee and Charlie to dinner. It turns out that they aren’t just attractive, they’re Trevor and Ruby Taft, of THE Taft family, meaning they’re incredibly rich.

This changes everything. No longer can Dee and Charlie simply be themselves. They must be suave, sophisticated, and most of all, avoid cheese.

Of course, this doesn’t work out for them at dinner. After a few moments of incredibly awkward conversation where Charlie again forgets simple words like “buildings,” the most glorious cart of cheese is pushed by their table. After great deliberation and elaborate groaning, Charlie dives in, face first, and gets his fill of cheese. Dee takes that as an excuse to grab the drink from the table next to her, and after one sip reverts to her drunken whorish ways.

All should be ruined, but it turns out the Tafts were hoping to hang out with Dee and Charlie since they wanted friends who were nothing like the people they’re usually around. Charlie can eat his fill of cheese and Dee is more than welcome to show off her pit stains.

Everything seems alright, but Dennis, who is staked out across the street with Frank and Mac, doesn’t think everything is as it appears. He realizes this is the exact plot to, well really every late 90s movie, confirming what was already pretty obvious: the rich kids are up to something.

The whole Gang heads to the Taft house, where the three who aren’t seeing members of the Taft family simply hope to expose the horrible plan the rich have in place to humiliate Charlie (they could care less what happens to Dee.) They’re all invited in with open arms, and they head to the back yard to play some tennis.

Dennis sets out to extract information from Ruby by playing on her team. Despite his insistence that his plan doesn’t involve hitting on her, he does indeed hit on her, but is crushed when she says he looks pretty pale.

At this point the Waitress calls him, asking where Charlie is since someone stole her bike. Dennis realizes that without Charlie doing his supposedly crazy deeds for her, her life is going to fall into shambles, and she’ll constantly be trying to figure out what has gone wrong, likely being there for the ultimate moment of humiliation, and crushing Charlie in a way that he’ll never recover. The solution? Send Frank to do all of Charlie’s creepy favors.

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