It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “Charlie Rules The World” (Season 8, Episode 8)


Before Charlie goes to meet this girl, him and Mac decide that she will likely be fat. Mac says that if she has any fat or ugly friends Charlie should hook him up. Charlie hints at not knowing what Mac is into, be it fat, skinny, girls or dudes, and Mac doesn’t deny it. It seems like only a matter of time until Mac acts on his obsession with the male physique.

Dee has become a total groveling servant to Charlie, attending to his every whim in order to get both the virtual gifts and the real gifts he can provide. However, when Charlie goes to meet with the other player, Dee senses foul play, and so she marries Mac in order to get back at Charlie. Of course, Charlie was tricking the other player, and so he is enraged that Dee didn’t think the situation through, causing some real-life drama based on the virtual game.

Dennis continues to be distraught about all the time his friends are spending in the online universe, so he shows Mac and Frank a porno of him receiving oral sex from a girl (with almost no resistance.) Mac points out that the fact he’s becoming aroused despite no woman being in the room, so therefore it’s another virtual experience. Frank points out that we could all be dreams of a turtle in outer-space, which is when Dennis leaves.

Dennis goes to the mall and sees a sensory deprivation machine. He has a whirl and it ends up being a trippy experience where everything he’s seen that day is distorted until eventually he is getting his hair cut by a British version of himself. This personality convinces him that it doesn’t matter that Charlie is king, for everyone is in Dennis’ universe, so Dennis is a god.

The ending is another awesomely self-aware moment from this season, as instead of having some witty end to the episode, Dennis deletes all their characters, since sometimes in life things just end. Actually pretty witty when you think about it.

Overall, this week was another successful episode. It didn’t have as many great laugh-out-loud moments as some recent episodes have, but it was still very funny, and had a great story rich with jokes.

Other Random Notes

  • We hadn’t heard Dennis doing an accent since Lethal Weapon 5.
  • Charlie holding those wires is the ultimate example of Charlie work.
  • I have no idea why Dennis was so obsessed with going dancing during the day. He definitely has some other thing he’s trying to get at there.
  • I’m not much of an online gamer, but do people really send real gifts (like peaches) for favors in the game? I may have to get into that.
  • Dennis said at the start of the episode he would blow himself if Charlie ever ruled the world. Recall what happened when Dennis entered virtual reality?
  • It really is the worst when an accent sounds good in your head but very different when you use it.
  • Everyone who works at Paddy’s uses “Paddy’s Pub” as their password.
  • Charlie can eat for a month off 5 bucks. Milk, flour and vitamins. I need to get some Charlie energy balls.

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