It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “Flowers For Charlie” (Season 9, Episode 8)


Even though the others aren’t too involved in the episode, I did enjoy their rat-hunting adventures. It’s great how when they fail to find the rat, they turn to cartoons for the solution. And anyone who has watched cartoons know the rodent always wins. Dee’s failure to let go of the trap may slightly over-exaggerate the lack of intelligence these characters have, but it still was a hilarious way to show their shortcomings.

Danny DeVito shines again in this episode as Frank tries to keep up with Charlie. His sorry attempts at Mandarin and his grunting in the best gruesome twosome sort of way serve as wonderful reminders of why the Frank-Charlie relationship is so great.

Haven’t seen as much of the Waitress in recent years, so it was great to have her back as well. It did seem like they played up her average intelligence a bit too much, but perhaps that’s just showing how Charlie was perceiving her. It also seemed like she was a bit too willing to talk to her creepy stalker, but hey, maybe that means there’s hope for these two crazy kids after all.

I will say that with as smart as Charlie sounded, being capable of pronouncing placebo and other things of that nature, confidence is key for the poor guy. As Frank says at one point, the rest of the Gang always keeps Charlie at the bottom because that’s how they like it. So what if he can’t read? He may not actually be as dumb as he seems. In future weeks there could definitely be some more moments of Charlie’s average intelligence.

This was another stellar episode for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It’s smart, it’s meta, and most of all, it’s downright hilarious, which is what we’ve come to expect every week from this show.

Other Random Notes

  • Wonderful how Charlie is more interested in the cheese.
  • Police Academy! It is a good movie!
  • Dee’s hand getting stuck in the wall reminded me of her cat getting stuck in the wall. She needs to avoid holes in walls at all cost.
  • Dennis seducing a rat. It has been a while since we’ve seen him with a woman…
  • “I just realized that I have two ears.”
  • Huffing gasoline to ensure it’s actually gasoline… an important thing to make sure of.
  • Nice Pacific Rim reunion in this one with Burn Gorman showing up.
  • Spiders talking to cats is something I am definitely NOT okay with. Good thing those science bitches rejected it. Who knows what the world would have come to.

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