It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Review: “Frank’s Back In Business” (Season 8, Episode 7)

This season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has continually provided fresh takes on the traditional sitcom format, while still staying true to their roots. The result has been a season that has been thoroughly enjoyable thus far, especially for long-time fans of the show.

Tonight’s episode, Frank’s Back In Business, reverted a bit to a typical episode, but it still threw in some references to the best moments of the show’s past including touching on Charlie’s bird obsession, the old Kitton Mitton and Paddy’s shotgun commercial, Mac’s second identity, and the erotic life of Dennis Reynolds.

The episode begins with Frank’s old company, Atwater, in deep trouble. They’re so desperate that they again call upon “The Warthog” to save them from going under or being sold. Frank rushes in to save the day, increasing productivity and shedding the company’s dead weight, all while training Charlie as his right-hand man.

While Frank and Charlie are off working on the company, Dennis, Dee, and Mac are living out the life of a man whose wallet they found. After waiting the appropriate 24 hours, the open the wallet to see what they’ve won. Aside from a bunch of Canadian money, the only thing of value is a set of Philadelphia Phillies tickets, which the Gang gobbles up.

When they get to the game it turns out the tickets are for box seats. Mac and Dee start frantically running around, grabbing all the free stuff they can get their hands on, but Dennis retains his composure and gets them to calm down before the other people of the box arrive. Two men do show up, and they ask which one of them is Brian LeFevre. Dennis pretends he’s Brian, sending the three members of the Gang into an intricate scheme with the ultimate goal of “getting off.”

Mac is left out of the business dealings, due to his initial claim that he was the LeFevre’s bodyguard, and he’s distraught by the fact Dennis won’t listen to any of his business ideas. When Dennis asks him to name an idea all Mac can come up with is bodyguard, resort, and resort for bodyguards. Dennis proclaims that Mac isn’t a finisher, and says that if they’re going to do this thing they have to see things through.

At this point they’re in the locker room of the resort, looking for what the two businessmen said was exactly what Mr. LeFevre likes. They stumble upon a shirtless Asian guy, which causes Mac to want to leave. Dennis fires Mac for his lack of dedication, and prepares to bang the guy, who alas, is simply a caddy.

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