It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia May End After Season 10

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In Glenn Howerton’s recent Rolling Stone Q&A, he was quoted as saying that season 10 would serve as the last for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This was received as very sad news by most fans of the show, who were upset that they would only get to see two more seasons of the Gang’s depraved behavior. Before those fans could be too upset though, Howerton took to Twitter to say he was misquoted, and the series may continue past its tenth season.

So the question now is what to believe? In the interview he not only said season 10 would be the last season when directly asked that, but he re-iterated the point in a later question. First check out those questions and answers below.

Well, you’re funny on Sunny so let’s talk about that. Are you really quitting after ten seasons?

Yes. There’s a certain point where you wear out your welcome and we don’t want to do that. We want to leave them wanting more. We spend a lot of time trying to find new lines to cross. We’re not trying to offend people or gross them out, but we’re looking to surprise them. I think we’re proud of what we’ve done so far, so it’s time to stop. I’m sure there are already a few people who are like ‘Jesus Christ is that show still on? Go away.'”

Are you going (to the Emmys) this year?  

I don’t know, maybe in the 10th season, just because it’s the last season and for the sake of the show, maybe we’ll try to butter some people up. But then again part of me wants to be like, “f*ck you f*cking motherf*ckers, man.”

But his Tweet today said none of that in the Q&A was true, but rather the interviewer probably got confused by his answer. Check out those Tweets below.

That Tweet only says that they might sign on for more, meaning they also might not. Not many shows go on past 10 seasons, so for Sunny to do that would definitely be a bold move, if for nothing else than the fact it rarely happens.

He has a point about not wanting the material to get stale. No show should continue on past its prime, as that has the danger of tarnishing the reputation of the show as a whole. It’s far better to leave on top than to leave far after the right time. That being said, I firmly believe season 8 of It’s Always Sunny is one of the most innovative and brilliant seasons of a television show. Episode after episode the concepts got farther out, the writing got sharper, and the result was hilarious, quality television. If seasons 9 and 10 are anywhere near the level of season 8, it would be a crime for the Gang to not continue on.