Supergirl Casts Krys Marshall As Mysterious Character With Connections To Reign


If you’re one to follow the Arrowverse and tuned in for last week’s midseason finales, then you’re well aware of how each of them left off on crazy cliffhangers that knocked us on our rears. Of course, Supergirl was the show that got the ball rolling, and it did so in brutal fashion.

Being the first series to come off the monumental crossover that was Crisis on Earth-X, it was important that the Maiden of Might had a strong showing – and that she did. Or at least, her TV show as an entity did, because Kara Zor-El herself was handed a beatdown like no other at the hands of Reign in a visceral battle that won’t be soon forgotten. And when you consider that Kara once bested her cousin, Superman, in a round of fisticuffs, that should give you an idea of just how formidable the Worldkiller truly is.

According to former executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, things won’t get any easier for our heroine in 2018:

“Supergirl is about to face her greatest nemesis in the three years that we’ve been doing the show … so it’s going to take all the allies that she can muster to take Reign down.”

Perhaps one such person who’ll be able to turn the tide is that of the incoming Julia Freeman, set to be played by Krys Marshall (This is Us) in a recurring role. Described as being “a 20-something musician living near National City who holds clues to Reign’s true identity,” one would think she’ll prove to be a keen ally, but let’s not assume where her allegiance may lie just yet.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Monday, January 15 on The CW.