Supergirl Will Feature Bizarro In A Future Episode


Bizarro is coming to Supergirl. The villainous (usually, anyway) mirror image of Superman will feature on the CBS series when it returns in 2016. The news was confirmed by the show’s executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg when he appeared on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast – but he didn’t specify which version of the character we’d be getting.

Bizarro was of, course, originally created as a Superman baddie and was gifted/cursed with pretty much all of his abilities, only with some opposite variations: freeze vision instead of heat vision, flame breath instead of freeze breath, etc.

Now, while the Man of Steel has made his presence known on the series, Supergirl is obviously the focus – so there’s always the chance it’ll actually be Kara’s villainous double that will be introduced: Bizarro Girl. Whichever incarnation of the character they use, expect some amusing reverse power-based shenanigans to ensue.

Supergirl is set to return with all-new episodes on Monday, January 4 at 8/7c on CBS.