Could Supergirl Be Preparing For The Death Of Superman?


When the hit TV show Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW, the possibilities of crossovers with other characters involved in the network’s DC TV Universe became more prominent. Probably most exciting for those of us with little to no knowledge of Supergirl was the introduction of Superman himself, played in the series by Tyler Hoechlin. Now, as Supergirl interacts with the wider DC TV Universe and options open up, there are some indications that the series might be preparing for the death of the Man of Steel.

The death of Superman comprises a famous comic book arc in which Supes takes on Doomsday in an epic battle in Metropolis. As you’ve guessed, the fight kills them both, shocking fans who believed Superman to be basically immortal. Given that Supergirl has opted to introduce Superman into the mix on the show, it could very well be preparing for that epic battle that will kill off everyone’s favorite superhero.

The question, I guess, is why would we think that? As Dave Trumbore at Collider points out, The CW has killed off almost every major hero and villain in their other shows, making use of time travel and rebirth to keep things moving along. So, why would they baulk at killing off perhaps the most famous character in their DC arsenal, enacting an equally famous arc? It seems a given, doesn’t it? Plus, it’s important to remember that CAMDUS has a piece of Kryptonite lying around.

On the other side, Superman has only just been introduced into the Supergirl world and he’s hardly the central character of the series. In fact, he’s already gone home to Metropolis, leaving the titular heroine back in charge of her show. His death would certainly lend gravitas, but would it do anything particularly meaningful at this juncture? Given that most comic book fans are expecting it to eventually happens, it does seem like a bit of a lazy departure. Still, there’s no denying that Superman’s death could open up the opportunity for the introduction of all kinds of characters from the comic book run.