Supergirl Season 5’s Bringing An Important Character Back From The Dead

Supergirl Lex Luthor

Supergirl will be resurrecting an important villain not seen in years for its fifth season. iZombie’s Rahul Kohli showed up for an episode of The CW series’ second season as Jack Spheer/Biomax, an old flame of Lena Luthor’s and CEO of Spheerical Industries. The character died at the end of his debut episode, but Kohli has revealed on Twitter that he’ll be returning for season 5.

The actor slowly teased what his next project was with a series of tweets. “Super excited to be back filming in Vancouver,” he wrote at first. In case the pun and the location didn’t give it away, Kohli followed it up with a shot of the Girl of Steel’s boot and a sliver of the ‘S’ emblem. And, again, just in case we still weren’t getting it, he shared a selfie with David “Martian Manhunter” Harewood.

Spheer was a sympathetic antagonist in season 2’s “Ace Reporter.” A brilliant scientist who had invented Biomax nanobots he hoped could cure cancer and other diseases, he tested them on himself which caused him to bond with them. He tried to cancel the project, but was then controlled via the bots by his corrupt business partner Beth Breen. He later sacrificed himself to save Supergirl and his ex, Lena.

It’s unclear how he could return, but the answer may lie in the fact that Lena has taken a turn to the dark side since then. The end of season 4 saw Lex Luthor reveal to his little sister that her best pal Kara Danvers has been lying to her all along and she’s really – gasp! – Supergirl. The season 5 trailer has teased that this betrayal has caused Lena to go the family way and become an enemy. So, maybe she’ll have some nefarious scheme utilizing the nanobots that results in Jack’s resurrection?

We’ll find out when Supergirl season 5 kicks off on Sunday, October 6th.