New Supergirl Season 5 Photo Reveals Fresh Look At Kara’s Costume


Just last week, we were gifted with a handful of images promoting Supergirl‘s fifth season. And while we’re not ready to rule out even more arriving between now and early October because only a small amount of pictures made up that gallery, we’re nonetheless grateful for yet another treat.

This time, it’s TV Line who’s to thank for a new photo showing off Kara Zor-El’s upgraded attire. Seen below, the Girl of Steel is sporting her brand new costume. And though she can be seen from only the waist up, rest assured that the skirt of old is gone and long pants allowing for actress Melissa Benoist to stay warm during those late night shoots in Vancouver are the new status quo.

If we’re to look closely, Guardian, Dreamer and Brainiac-5 can each be spotted in the photo as well. Furthermore, it can be concluded this still is taken from the same scene hinted at by last week’s gallery. From what we can tell, something really bad will go down at an opera house or theater of some sort.

Also in TV Line’s Fall TV Preview was a guarantee made by executive producer and showrunner Robert Rovner assuring us that Leviathan’s “agenda for Earth” will be stretched out over season 5. For those unfamiliar, this shadowy group will be the new big bad in National City, though it’s worth pointing out how they’ll differ from their comic book counterparts.

Similarly, Rovner touts how he and his colleagues will “put our own Supergirl spin on Acrata,” who’s set to be played by Julie Gonzalo. Perhaps they’ll do a “same name, different concept” deal comparable to how Arrow put its own stamp on Prometheus a few years back.

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Sunday, October 6th on The CW.

Source: TV Line