Supergirl Star Debunks Martian Manhunter On Legends Of Tomorrow Rumors


Supergirl star David Harewood has taken to Twitter to debunk the rumors swirling around that his character Martian Manhunter might be hopping over to Legends of Tomorrow later this season. The English actor, who’s been part of the Girl of Steel’s show as J’onn J’onzz since the beginning, told his fans: “100% ZERO truth in ANY of these MM rumours. Not sure where they stated [sic] but NOT happening.”

On October 31st, Discussing Film’s Editor-in-Chief tweeted that he’d heard some info that he couldn’t confirm about Harewood jumping over to the Waverider for the second half of LoT season 5. According to this, the Manhunter would leave Supergirl for half a season to help out the time travellers before returning to the cast for the beginning of season 6.  But apparently, this isn’t going ahead, which is certainly a shame as sounds like a lot of fun.

Still, even if he won’t have an extended stay on their series, J’onn should get to interact with the Legends in the big Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” this winter. The event will bring together all the corners of The CW’s DC TV franchise – as well as stars from various other DC productions – as the heroes gather to save the multiverse. We didn’t see too much of Harewood via set pics when the crossover was shooting, but he will be involved.

And while some may be upset that he won’t be showing up on Legends, it didn’t really make sense that Martian Manhunter would cross over this year anyways, as his character’s got a major ongoing storyline in season 5, what with the return of his evil twin brother Malefic (Phil LaMarr), who’s been trapped in the Phantom Zone for years with his existence erased from J’onn’s mind by his father.

Supergirl season 5 continues to unfold with episode 5×06 “Confidence Women” next Sunday on The CW.