Supergirl Star Teases Big Cliffhanger For Season 5 Finale

Supergirl Lex Luthor

Three out of the four Arrowverse shows currently running are about to end early over the next couple of weeks, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting their productions. In the case of Supergirlthe damage is less severe as the Girl of Steel’s fifth season was supposed to wrap up after 20 episodes anyway. As it happens, season 5 is having to conclude with episode 19, titled “Immortal Kombat,” but one star of the series has promised that this will act as a fitting finale.

Jesse Rath – who plays Brainiac-5 AKA Querl Dox AKA Brainy – spoke to and was on hand to tease the big cliffhanger that will now act as the end of season 5. The actor dropped hints about its “epic” nature and also how it’ll be up to season 6 to pull all the threads together in the way that episode 20 would’ve done.

“Now, instead of it ending with [Episode 20], we’re going to end on [Episode 19] and that works out I think because 19 is such a strong episode. It’s an epic episode and it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger whereas 20, we would take 20 to resolve and bring everything back down to earth,” Rath said. “Things will also be up at the air at the end of the season and you’ll have to wait for Season 6 to finally see how all the cards fell.”

In the same interview, Rath also revealed that he’s doubly excited that this episode ended up as the finale as it’s a big one for Brainy. In fact, it’ll bring back the actor’s real-life sister Meaghan Rath (Hawaii Five-O) as the female version of Brainy from another universe, after she debuted on the show earlier on in season 5B.

It sounds like season 5 isn’t too badly affected by the lockdown, then, but fans may be worrying exactly what’s going to happen with season 6. Back in March, Melissa Benoist announced that she and fellow Supergirl star Chris Wood were expecting their first child, so the original plan was to start work on the next run earlier than normal to accommodate Benoist’s pregnancy. As it is, though, it’s unclear if that’s going to be possible.

Supergirl‘s season 5 finale airs on Sunday, May 17th.