Supergirl Star Tyler Hoechlin Weighs In On Fan Response To His Take On Superman


Adding Superman to the first two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season was a smart move on The CW’s part, and that’s become evident after the series scored some record breaking ratings over there after moving from CBS. Tyler Hoechlin’s stint as the Man of Steel actually ends after tonight’s instalment though, and the future for his version of the iconic superhero is unclear.

Many fans would love to see him get a spinoff series of his own, while pretty much everyone agrees that it’s essential he returns to Supergirl somewhere down the line. Whether or not Warner Bros. is going to allow that when Henry Cavill is flying around as Superman on the big screen remains to be seen, but Hoechlin seems massively grateful for the feedback from viewers.

“It’s one of those things going into it where I knew that there would always be strong opinions. He’s a character that been around a long time and everyone has a pre-existing idea of what they want it to be, what it should be to them. So that’s just kind of something you accept. We, again had things that we found interesting and that’s something we committed to and at the end of the day that’s a nice thing as an actor because you know if people enjoy it, then great. They enjoyed your vision of it and what you kind of liked about it as well. If they don’t like it then at least you missed with your own intention. It sucks when you try something that you think maybe isn’t the right thing but maybe someone else will think is right, and then it still misses. Because then you might as well have at least tried it your way.”

A lot of people scoffed when the first image of Hoechlin in the role were revealed, but during last week’s season premiere of Supergirl, he won fans over in a big way (and that’s no easy feat). Considering the fact that both comic book readers and critics alike have praised this version of Superman, you have to believe that Warner Bros. has taken at least some note of that.

Again though, what that will lead to is a mystery, but we can at least look forward to seeing more of the Man of Steel in tonight’s episode of Supergirl.