Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin Says He’s Down To Play Superman In The DCEU

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As everyone knows by now, Warner Bros. is reportedly not sure where to go with Superman next on the big screen. Though we’ve never heard anything official, it seems a cert that Henry Cavill won’t be back as the Man of Steel, but the studio isn’t in a hurry to replace him. Instead, they’re happy to keep the focus on fresh characters, as seen in Aquaman and Shazam! Still, if they’re after a replacement, TV’s Superman actor is down to join the franchise.

While attending Fan Expo Dallas over the weekend, Supergirl star Tyler Hoechlin was asked if he’s heard of the fans calling for him to play Clark Kent in the movies and, if so, would he consider the job. The actor replied, “I’ve heard that before,” and then explained that if he got the call from WB, he’d work hard on finding some free time.

“The D.C. stuff, Warner Bros., all of them, they’ve got all that stuff under control. I would answer the phone if they called and hope that I can nail down a schedule or something else. Try to get there if I can. So who knows? We’ll see.”

Hoechlin first debuted as the Last Son of Krypton back in Supergirl‘s second season. Despite appearing in only four episodes, he made enough of an impression for fans to repeatedly campaign for him to return. They eventually got their wish in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, in which Supes teamed up with Green Arrow and the Flash for the first time to help them save the multiverse.

The DCEU has never previously taken its casting cues from the Arrowverse – though many wanted to see Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen appear in a movie – so we can’t see this happening. Besides, most fans would probably settle for Hoechlin returning as Superman in this fall’s crossover to end all crossovers, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Tell us, though, would you be interested in seeing Supergirls Tyler Hoechlin take to the skies as Superman in the DCEU? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.