Supernatural Spinoff Gets A New Name, Casts Melissa Roxburgh In Lead Role



It’s only been a few weeks since The CW announced that its long-running hit drama, Supernatural, was getting the spinoff treatment and they’ve already renamed this possible addition to the fall line-up. Instead of Supernatural: Tribes, the pilot contender will now be titled Supernatural: Bloodlines – and we think it has a much more fitting ring to it.

Bloodlines will follow the drama of Chicago’s supernatural underbelly being run by various mobster-esque families, all while humans remain oblivious to this parallel world. The twist comes in the form of an ambitious new hunter set on ridding the city of their presence once and for all after losing his fiance in the crossfire of the monster warfare. The planted episode is set to air during the regularly scheduled Supernatural episode on April 29th.

As pre-production continues on the backdoor pilot, the network has cast Arrow actress, Melissa Roxburgh, in the final lead role. Roxburgh will play Violet Durant, the werewolf love interest of David (Nathaniel Buzolic), a shapeshifter who has been living as a human ever since he turned his back on his powerful monster family. Naturally, the two star-crossed lovers are members of rival families. Violet initially intends to keep her werewolf identity a secret until extenuating circumstances force her inner wolf out.

Although Roxburgh didn’t have a huge role in Arrow, she isn’t a new face to The CW. Supernatural fans might remember her from season seven when she appeared in the episode Time After Time.

Along with Buzolic, Roxburgh will co-star with Danielle Savre as shapeshifter Margo Hayden, Sean Faris as werewolf Julian Durant, Stephen Martines as “world-weary” detective Freddie Costa, and Lucien Laviscount as police academy trainee/new hunter Ennis Roth.

Supernatural: Bloodlines is shaping up to be a definite possibility with some interesting casting choices. Are you particularly excited about any of the actors that have come aboard or do you think Supernatural should try again?

 Source: THR