Supernatural Review: “Blood Brother” (Season 8, Episode 5)


Previously, I completely disregarded Sam’s relationship with Amelia. Today, I take a step higher, but only a tiny one. Sam’s flashbacks are still very akin to a sappy love story that breaks any sort of drama the episode had to begin with. The only difference this time being that the very last scene showed a darker side to the vibrant colors we’re used to seeing. I did roll my eyes with the whole “two vagrants who fall in love with their uselessness” thing, but it did strike some sort of chord, however off it may be. I still do not know or care why Amelia is being introduced to us and given an actual origin story of sorts, but at least I’m warming up to it….a bit.

As always, the saving factors are the flashbacks in Purgatory. Not only do we get to see the ever popular bromance between Dean and Castiel, but we’re seeing the bromance between Dean and Benny start to develop. One of the only saving graces in the present was how much Dean cared for Benny before and after the events in the mansion. He was willing to drop anything to save a wounded Benny and to help him complete his mission. If I didn’t know better, the relationship between Dean and Sam is becoming less of a plot point while the one between the trio of Purgatory captives is taking the forefront. The Winchester brothers are slowly being torn apart, but for what? Hopefully, something awesome.

No matter how many times Dean, Cas, and Benny argue over the difficulties of bringing an angel through the portal or let alone travel with one, it never gets old. The chemistry between the three is pure magic: Benny being the seasoned badass, Cas being the naive newcomer, and Dean being the glue works wonderfully well. I love all the snarky comments and banter between the trio even when they’re in a desperate situation. When Benny saved Cas from the Leviathan, all was right in this world.

Though these scenes are great for character development, not much else can be said about story progression – which I actually don’t have a problem with at this point. What Benny’s plan was is still a complete mystery and there are no clues as to why Cas was left behind. The only reason we as the audience don’t care much about this is because we know the end result: Dean resurrects Benny and Cas is……somewhere.

Though this episode suffered from a sheer amount of nothing, the “something” that was there was enough for me to say that “Blood Brother” was a success – in retrospect anyways. Funny how I prefer last week’s monster-of-the-week episode over this one as I usually adore the story-centric episodes. Next week, we see Garth return in all his glory, an episode that is sure to be riddled with humor – something that Supernatural has slowly shied away from in its current season.

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