Supernatural Season 14 Will Be Shorter Than Most Previous Offerings


When I first tuned in for Supernatural‘s pilot episode back in 2005, I had no idea that what started out as a cool little horror show would capture the imaginations of millions of fans the world over. But, lo and behold, here we are anticipating a fourteenth season set to kickoff this fall. If this continues, Sam and Dean Winchester may one day give the likes of Gunsmoke, The Simpsons and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit a run for their money!

But before “the boys” get back to “saving people, hunting things, etc.,” there’s one very important detail we must discuss – and that’s season 14 being given a shorter episode order than usual. To be honest, there’s not much reason to fret, for 20 installments have been confirmed to air during the 2018-19 broadcast season.

Sure, this is slightly down from the 23 episodes we’ve come to expect since the previous status quo was established by season 7, but on the plus side, it leaves less room for filler. Blasphemous as that may sound to you, very few TV shows can say they’ve never had the slightest amount of fat that could’ve been trimmed.

Still, this isn’t the slimmest offering we’ve seen to date, as you may recall season 3 consisting of 16 episodes. The difference in that case, however, was it had everything to do with the writers strike, thus making for a curtailed affair.

Right now, I imagine that some of you are wondering what this means for the 300th episode, to which I’ll say there’s no need to worry. As it turns out, the milestone will be hit once 14×13 graces our sets, so that’s something lead actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will most assuredly be able to cross off their respective bucket lists.

Supernatural returns for its fourteenth season on Thursday, October 11 on The CW.

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