Supernatural Star Says Series Finale Won’t Please Everybody

Supernatural season 11 promo art

When it comes to the definitive conclusion to any work of fiction, you have to think the writers behind it are tasked with something unimaginably difficult and simply can’t satisfy every fan out there. According to many Game of Thrones devotees I know, they wish they could scrub season 8 from their memories. As for shows I dug, Gotham‘s series finale satisfied me for the most part, whereas iZombie‘s wasn’t akin to anything I envisioned. I mean, it was technically good, but I never thought the tale would leave off like it did.

Soon enough, Supernatural will call it quits after an impressive run clocking in at fifteen seasons. As such, pretty much everybody has an idea of how they think Sam and Dean’s story should end before fading to black. I’m sure a small segment of the viewing audience will be enraged because they never got to see “Wincest,” but the less said about the seedy underbelly of Tumblr, the better.

Per USA Today’s Gary Levin on Twitter, here’s what series star Jensen Ackles had to say about hanging it up:

“‘I want it to end in a way that does justice to the 14 1/2 years we spent on this show. You’re not going to please everybody; you can’t.’ But for the fans, ‘it should feel right.'”

As a longtime fan of the series myself, I think Jensen has a point. Though many of us will probably talk about how “epic” the finale is the day after it airs, some will undoubtedly be left with a bad taste in their mouths. Hey, as long as Sam and Dean don’t put on jet packs and colonize the moon, I think we’re good.

In a way, this is the second crack at a series finale in the show’s illustrious history. For all intents and purposes, season 5’s “Swan Song” was the intended ending for creator Eric Kripke’s originally conceived tale, but he left certain threads dangling before passing the torch to Sera Gamble. Let’s just hope that Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer can whip up something equally impressive.

Supernatural returns with new episodes on Thursday, October 10th on The CW.