New Supernatural Trailer And Poster Tease The Final Season


With Supernatural‘s fifteenth (!) and final season rapidly approaching, I can’t be the only longtime fan who’d been impatiently waiting for a new trailer to arrive. The trend in recent years has been to release a sizzle reel of sorts at San Diego Comic-Con, with new footage not being dropped until September or so.

Well, that’s held true yet again. With less than a month to go until showtime, the network has finally given us the goods. If you’re to click on the video embedded at the top of this article, then you’ll join Sam and Dean Winchester as they begin the final leg in their journey.

As you can see, they’re well aware of what we the viewers had previously learned in the fourteenth season finale: that every threat they’d dispatched in years prior are now back in play. In fact, the pilot episode’s Woman in White looks to be among the first targeted.

Also of note is this cool poster (seen above) that’s being circulated on social media. It’s a bit different from past promo pieces in a stylistic sense, sure, but it works great for encapsulating the end of such an epic saga. Odds are this will be used as the cover art for the next Blu-ray set, so get used to seeing it.

Based on what co-leading actor Jensen Ackles had to tell Entertainment Weekly, more familiar faces will join the party this fall:

“There’s specific characters that we’ve dealt with in the past that will reprise their role. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody’s walking out though. Even though the doors are unlocked and people are walking out of hell, not everybody is quite as eager to jump ship. That begs a question of ‘why’ and it begs a question of ‘when will they?’”

Expect to learn more when Supernatural returns with new episodes on Thursday, October 10th on The CW. But before then, feel free to revisit season 14 by reading our review of the Blu-ray.