Supernatural Veteran Jim Beaver Teases Bobby’s Return


Bobby Singer, the surrogate father of Sam and Dean Winchester, is prepped and ready for his second coming. Or should that be third coming?

Supernatural tends to play things fast and loose when it comes to life, death and the murky netherworld in between, but rest assured, Jim Beaver’s fan-favorite will be making another surprise appearance once the series returns from winter hiatus. How do we know? Well, Ol’ Bobby himself has shared an early teaser via Twitter (via, which brings us closer to the world-weary Singer and his tattered clothing.

Of course, as any Supernatural fan will tell you, Uncle Bobby actually passed away in season 7, when a stray bullet caught him in the head. Since then, the show’s impassioned community (or family, if we’re going by the official term) has been quietly petitioning for Jim Beaver’s return, though it wasn’t until season 12 that that wish was granted.

There is a catch, though: this particular incarnation of Bobby hails from another timeline, one in which Sam and Dean were never born – hence why planet Earth has slipped into anarchy.

That nightmarish realm has seemingly descended into a full-blown apocalypse in the absence of Sam and Dean Winchester – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively – so we’re intrigued to find out how that alternate reality factors into the story of Supernatural as we approach the second, conclusive chapter in the show’s historic 13th season. Perhaps it’ll have something to do with Alexander Calvert’s Jack? Time will tell.

Alert the SPN Family: Supernatural is set to return from its winter break on Thursday, January 18th, so get ready to tune in to The CW for another helping of ghosts, ghouls, demons and, thanks to the ongoing 13th season, a whole new, apocalyptic dimension.