Supernatural’s Misha Collins Reveals The Cast’s Reaction To The Show Ending


Whether you’ve been a Supernatural fan for only a couple years or the last fourteen, the news that the show will be ending next year hurt bad. And not just a little; we’re talking “I wish I didn’t have a soul so I couldn’t feel this” levels of bad. Misha Collins wants us to know that we’re not alone, though, as the cast and crew took it just as hard as the rest of us.

The star, who plays Castiel on the hit series, recently spoke at the MCM London Comic Con and shared the following about the day the news came out:

“I think, strangely, one of the more lovely moments we had on the set was when we announced to the cast that we were gonna be ending the show.”

The crew’s had a decade and a half to grow close with each other and obviously, there’s no doubt been a fair share of sappy, bittersweet moments. Actors come and go and sometimes, actors begin working on the show thinking their character’s arc will only last a few episodes but end up staying on board for 12 years, like Collins. Remember, the angel Castiel was only supposed to be a temporary role, but has since become one of the most endearing of them all.

Continuing on, Misha revealed how emotional it was on set that day, explaining:

“And just saw everyone sort of get emotional and start hugging each other and crying, and we basically spent an hour going around to a hundred different people, each of us saying ‘I love you, I’m gonna miss you.’”

I’m not gonna lie; I’m going to miss every last one of them, too. Even that ass-butt Lucifer. Fortunately, the fifteenth and final season is promising to be the best one yet, judging by the recent season 14 finale and what the teary-eyed cast and crew are saying.

When we last saw them, the boys had royally pissed off God, who in turn triggered the friggin’ zompocalypse. He brought back every big, small, and in between baddie the Winchesters have ever faced, too. Something that leaves the door to hell open for a bunch of our favorite actors to return to the roles that helped launch most of their careers. And it’ll all go down when Supernatural makes its way back to The CW this fall with the fifteenth and final season.