Support Oliver Queen For Mayor In New Promo Posters For Arrow

Season three of Arrow wasn’t bad, but it was definitely a bit disappointing. Following the stellar second season (which featured Deathstroke as the big bad), it was obvious that topping that was always going to be a challenge, and it turns out that utilizing Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul wasn’t the best way to go.

With fans turning on many aspects of the show, Arrow returned back last year by giving viewers a lot of the things they’d been hoping to see since day one. “The Arrow” was now Green Arrow, Oliver Queen had a costume much more fitting for a superhero, and Starling City was finally ditched in preference of Star City (just like in the comics).


However, by far one of the most significant changes was the fact that Oliver Queen would be running for mayor. A key moment in the comic book character’s history, his campaign hasn’t been running all that smoothly thanks to Damien Darhk, but we do at least now have a close look at two of the mayoral candidate’s campaign posters.

It’s worth noting that the address isn’t currently active, but as these have been Tweeted early for fans by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, chances are we’ll see this go live at some point in the near future.

Oliver’s quest to become Star City mayor will continue when Arrow returns to The CW next week.