Sylvester Stallone Won’t Be Involved In Rambo TV Show


Sylvester Stallone Rambo First Blood movie image

Not too long ago, we brought you word of a proposed Rambo TV series that was brewing in development over at FOX. Titled Rambo: New Blood, it was said to focus on the titular hero’s relationship with his son and at the time, reports stated that Sylvester Stallone was involved. Now, however, Deadline is reporting that the actor will not be participating in the series “in any way at all.”

Deadline claims that Stallone’s involvement was never a sure thing, with some sources indicating that there was never even a formal deal in place. Now it’s official though and without Sly lending his hand, the series is unlikely to move forward. It’s unfortunate, too, as it did sound quite promising.

Written by Jeb Stuart, Rambo: New Blood would have “explored John Rambo’s complex relationship with J.R., his ex-Navy SEAL son.” The series was set to pay homage to the films and with Stallone on board to produce and reprise the role, it really could have been an exciting show for fans of the iconic franchise.

While some people no doubt feel that Rambo is better left as is, with four mostly solid films, I personally wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Stallone’s iconic character. Television could have been an interesting medium to place him in and having the series not just be an all-out action romp and instead focus on familial issues could have made for some compelling material.