Talking To The Cast Of Hannibal At PaleyFest 2014


One of TV’s most underrated shows has finally begun to generate some of the attention it deserves in the form of fervent critical acclaim and a devoted cult fanbase. I’m of course talking about NBC’s Hannibal. While the show’s basic premise is inspired by Thomas Harris’ novel, Red Dragon, series creator Bryan Fuller has carved out (no pun intended) a unique psychological thriller that is visually stunning, despite its nightmarish tone.

Hugh Dancy stars as Will Graham, a special investigator for the FBI whose vivid (and often burdensome) imagination allows him to understand the mindset of killers. Along with Special Agent Jack Crawford (Lawrence Fishburne), the two seek the assistance of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) to investigate a series of puzzling crimes. Of course, they have no idea that Hannibal is himself a serial killer.

This past weekend, the cast of NBC’s hit series attended the PaleyFest in NYC and we were on hand to chat with them about the beautifully twisted world of this mesmerizing show.

Check out our coverage in the video above and be sure let us know your thoughts on what may happen on season three of Hannibal in the comments section below!