The TARDIS Team Head Into Battle In Doctor Who Season 11 Finale Photos


Doctor Who reaches the end of its eleventh season, Jodie Whittaker’s first as the Thirteenth Doctor, this Sunday in what looks set to be a grand finale. Titled “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos,” the episode will see the TARDIS team attempt to answer nine separate distress calls across a deadly battlefield on the titular planet (which is really difficult to spell right).

And now, you can get a fresh look at the gang’s latest adventure in the gallery below, as the BBC has released some new photos which give us a visual flavor for how the story will progress. It seems that things start out in the TARDIS – natch – before the Doc, Yaz (Mandip Gill), Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Ryan (Tosin Cole) make their way through the battle, with some sort of spacey locator devices to guide the way. They’ll then bump into Paltraki (Game of Thrones‘ Mark Addy), a soldier who’s lost his memory.

For more, you can check out the following synopsis, which teases some creepy mists as well as hinting at a possible new foe called the Ux.

On the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos, lies the remains of a brutal battlefield.  But as the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan answer nine separate distress calls, they discover the planet holds far more secrets. Who is the mysterious commander with no memory? What lies beyond the mists? Who or what are the Ux? The answers will lead the Doctor and her friends towards a deadly reckoning.

The promos for the finale have also fueled a widespread fan theory that a familiar enemy will make a comeback. Namely, an alien voice heard in the “Next Time” promo sounds a lot like T’Zim-Sha of the Stenza from the season premiere. Add that together with the Doctor’s line that she recognizes an unheard voice in a different promo and the evidence is certainly stacking up.

While this episode does mark the end of season 11, have no fear, as it won’t be too long until Doctor Who returns. The typical Christmas Day special has been moved back to New Year’s Day this year, so be sure to look out for that.