The Team Joins King Arthur’s Round Table In New Legends Of Tomorrow Images

We might have two weeks to wait until Legends of Tomorrow returns, but The CW is making things a bit easier as they’ve now released the first images from the next episode – which you can check out in the gallery above. On this instalment, the team heads back to the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as they look to stop the Legion of Doom from assembling the Spear of Destiny.

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash needs that to rewrite reality and ensure that Black Flash can’t remove him from the timeline, and joining him is the now villainous Rip Hunter. Reprogrammed by the Legion, the former leader of the Legends is an ally to the evil group and a thorn in the side of the heroes. At least, until they can figure out how to get him back to normal.

For more on what to expect from this episode of Legends of Tomorrow – titled “Camelot/3000” – here’s the official synopsis:

The Legends continue their quest to hunt down the Spear of Destiny before the pieces fall into the hands of the Legion of Doom. The Legends discover that pieces of the Spear are each being guarded in different time periods by members of the JSA. Their first stop is the future where they find Dr. Mid-Nite (guest star Kwesi Ameyaw) which eventually leads them to the past and King Arthur’s Camelot, where Stargirl (guest star Sarah Grey) is protecting her piece of the Spear.

In order to protect the Spear shard from the now-evil Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the Legends must join forces with the Knights of the Round Table. Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano and Maisie Richardson-Sellers also star. Antonio Negret directed the episode written by Anderson MacKenzie.

Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow got off to a rocky start, there’s no denying that, and Captain Cold’s return proved to be very underwhelming. However, the show has been on fire since returning a few weeks back and it’s going to be pretty interesting seeing how this whole Reverse-Flash storyline plays out, especially when he’s such a big part of The Flash mythos.

Tell us, what do you think’s going to go down on the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow? As always, share your theories in the comments section down below!