We’ve Got The First Trailer For Marvel’s New TV Show Runaways


Runaways poses the question that every teenager has wondered from time to time: are my parents supervillains? Well, Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gertrude, Chase and Molly are about to find out the answer to that question in the most literal way possible.

Readers of Brian K. Vaughan’s excellent mid-2000s comic series will already be excited about Hulu’s upcoming adaptation, and the cast photos and production stills we’ve seen have all pointed to something very special. Now, we have the first teaser trailer and our hype levels have gone through the roof.

The preview gives us a quick introduction to the characters and their situation, showing us the crucial moment in which the gang observe their parents engaged in some seriously creepy villainous antics, which causes them to run away and become, well, runaways. After this, we get a bunch of tantalizing morsels of what’s to come, including a blink and you’ll miss it first appearance from Old Lace, the gang’s pet velociraptor.

Even from this brief look, it appears like showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have successfully captured the atmosphere of the source material, with an appropriately us against the world adolescent aesthetic, some damn nice cinematography and what looks to be a gaggle of great performances.

I was a huge fan of the comic on its original publication and it’s always seemed obvious that it’d be great on screen. That made it so painful when the various TV and film adaptations planned in the early 2010s fizzled out (apparently because it wouldn’t jive with The Avengers – I don’t get it, either). But it looks as if the long wait has paid off and then some.

The ten-episode first season of Runaways premieres on Tuesday, November 21st on Hulu, and I’ll be there minute one.