Teen Wolf Review: “Weaponized” (Season 4, Episode 7)


Once again, Teen Wolf attempted to showcase some aspect of teenage normalcy, this time in the form of a standardized test. It isn’t the first time this season we’ve seen the writers revert back to average teen activity to anchor the story in reality. In the season four opener, the focus was on lacrosse. It took the show back to its basics and reminded viewers of where the characters started off. A few episodes back, we saw the core group head back to class after a considerable absence for personal reasons following the death of one of the main characters. Although that sentiment didn’t last long, it’s been an admirable attempt to establish some semblance of relatability within the narrative.

Two teenage boys in conflict over what to do with a gym bag full of cash reinforces this idea of normal teenage behavior. On one hand, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) mom could really use the financial assistance. But, that would also mean that Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Ian Bohen) wouldn’t be getting their money back. The benefactor has been funding his mission to eliminate supernaturals in Beacon Hills and the surrounding area with the Hales’ stolen money. Clearly, going from mystery millionaires to living without their previous resources presented a new challenge for both Derek and Peter. One more deserving than the other. Deciding whether to reinstate Derek’s inheritance without giving Peter any more of an unfair advantage than he already has in his quest to re-acquire his alpha status gives the boys one more thing to focus on.

Luckily for both Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), they have other more pressing issues to concern themselves with, like a weaponized virus threatening to kill all the supernaturals within the high school. It already took out most of the other pack of werewolves living in the area, and now Scott, Malia, and Kira are facing the same fate. Obviously none of them were at any real risk, but for a few moments it amped up the urgency of finding out who is behind all of this by creating a clear threat.

The only antagonists we’ve seen in person this season were assassins aiming to score big by crossing off names on the deadpool list, all of which acting as puppets for an unknown villain. The range of assassins has been a nice surprise this season. In “Weaponized,” the latest evil to try their hand at taking out the supernaturals tried a different tactic. Instead of picking them off one by one and increasing their risk of being discovered, they decided to take out as many supernaturals at once as possible. It’s really an inspired idea, if you think about it. Why take a bigger chance than necessary, especially if you can combine some of the highest paying names. This method is also more hands off. It relies on a different kind of solution, one involving brains not pure strength.

Lydia (Holland Roden) has proven to be moving further away from the group dynamic all season. In this episode she channels the recently deceased Meredith, the only other banshee we know about for sure at the moment, to direct her toward the cause of the outbreak which led her straight to the high school and confirmed for the sheriff what he already suspected.

The side effects of the weaponized virus weren’t just physical. Malia (Shelley Hennig) finding out about her parentage is a huge step for Teen Wolf. This opens the door for some outrageous new story arcs between Malia and her biological father, Peter. There’s been a continuous acknowledgment of Peter’s negative influence on everyone around him, and introducing him as a parent takes the show to a new level. Finding out this information was one thing, but watching it play out is another. I’d really like to see Peter interact with Malia as the truth begins to become public knowledge.

Do you think that Malia could be the one to reach Peter before he goes too far? Let us know what you thought about tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf in the comment section below!

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