Teen Wolf Review: “Alpha Pact” (Season 3, Episode 11)

Teen Wolf

Ordinarily, this would have been the episode of Teen Wolf that set us up for the big season finale in typical ‘to be continued..’ fashion. That was before the show received a season order with twice as many episodes as its previous two seasons. Yet, curiously, they still appear to be following the same formula.

With half the season still left, I can only guess that in the next episode, unlike what we’ve come to expect, the story won’t wrap itself up quite so nicely – thus, giving us another twelve episodes to appreciate Teen Wolf for the dynamic show we’ve become intent on swooning over.

We’ve seen a few overlapping storylines over the course of the season, and they all appear to be coming to a head. The sacrifices being committed by the Darach – who we recently learned was Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) girlfriend, former-emissary to Kali (Felisha Terrell), and the new English teacher, Miss Blake a.k.a Julia – has started to run its course. There is only one more trio needed to complete her supernatural foothold and destroy the Alpha-pack (or, at least to give it a try).

The Alpha-pack is trying to hedge their bets by eliminating any threats to Deucalion (Gideon Emery) and his master plan, which is slowly being unveiled. They are dancing around Jennifer, and her very strategic plan to take them out during the lunar eclipse, while still trying to convince Scott (Tyler Posey) to join their pack – with, or without, Derek in tow.

How exactly killing Ms. Morrell (Bianca Lawson) is going to aid their cause is a mystery to me. Unfortunately for her, hiding the truth found itself elevated to the top of Deucalion’s priority list. Do you think we’ve seen the last of our timely guidance counselor, or will she somehow (unrealistically) survive a spear through the heart? It’s always hard to tell on Teen Wolf where reality is often up for debate.

Ms. Morrell isn’t the only one doing her druid duty this evening. In addition to Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) dad and Scott’s mom, Mr. Argent (J.R. Bourne) has now willingly offered himself up in a misguided attempt to save the day. He might not be able to succeed considering he is now quite unarmed, but Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) is definitely picking up the slack. He came up with a way to take the missing parents out of the equation without anyone actually losing their lives. Sound confusing? It is.

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