Teen Wolf Review: “Currents” (Season 3, Episode 7)

Teen Wolf

On this episode of Teen Wolf, our heroes were forced to makes some difficult decisions that left everyone feeling butterflies in their stomach.

Teamwork is a big part of this show and tonight we saw it in full-force when all the good guys converged in order to save both Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam). Unfortunately, the combined efforts of our favorite Beacon Hills werewolf club weren’t enough to save everyone. Derek and Dr. Deaton managed to make it out of their respective predicaments, but not without a handsome price being paid.

It hasn’t been long since the pack mourned the loss of Erica (Gage Golightly), who up until this point we thought was just another casualty of the bank ploy. Now the pack has lost another member. Boyd (Sinqua Walls) survived the bank vault only to become a victim of the Alpha-pack and their vendetta against Derek. A vendetta that might turn out to be more of a distraction than anything else.

Dr. Deaton witnessed first-hand the change in Scott’s eyes (Tyler Posey) and finally gave us some sort of explanation. The idea of a ‘natural Alpha’ seems reasonable, especially given Scott’s severe moral compass, but what does that mean for his own pack. Will Derek be open to sharing the spotlight or does he like his one-man show way too much to give up the reigns? Granted, he likes to keep some Betas around for convenience, but ultimately Derek always prefers to have the final say.

Derek has been showing us this season that he is more than what we’ve see in the past though. After the unexpected arrival of his little sister, Cora (Adelaide Kane), we saw him warm up a bit. Understandably, with her whereabouts for the last ten years being a total mystery, he does seem to keep her at a distance. After his uncle turned out to be a crazed murderer instead of comatose patient, it makes sense that sharing a last name and the same DNA would only go so far in his head.

That same temperament is apparently not being applied to his new girlfriend. I was behind this romantic connection from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Now I have my doubts. Although I still think Derek having an anchor outside the supernatural world – which has pretty much become his entire life – is a splendid idea, the whole thing does seem to be moving awfully quickly. They met, they jumped in bed together, and now she holds a significant place in his heart? For someone that keeps everyone at arms-length, it all seems a little fast-paced.

It didn’t take the Alpha-pack long to start using Derek’s new weakness against him. Miss Blake (Haley Webb) played the pawn on tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf. The one who never wears shoes, whose actual name is Kali (Felisha Terrell), pranced her right into Derek’s house with a twin on each arm. That was enough for the Betas to simply step aside and let their fearless leader take the opportunity for another one-on-one. Did that sound like a good idea to anyone else? It’s not the first time these two have faced off and even with this sentimental push in the right direction, Derek never looked like he stood a chance.

You do have to give Derek and his cohorts credit for the pre-production efforts with the electrical shock treatment. Too bad they didn’t have the forethought to come up with a back-up power source. Hopefully, they’ll be able to salvage this attempt later on and keep Boyd’s legacy in tact. He did leave us with some information that helped to fill-in a blank for us. How did Erica really die? She decided to take one for the team and attack Kali, who promptly put her down. Will that be enough for Derek to find the strength to put her down and return the favor? I’m crossing my fingers it will be.

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