Teen Wolf Review: “Currents” (Season 3, Episode 7)

Teen Wolf

Despite their equal involvement in the latter part of the episode, it is becoming more and more clear that all twins are not created equally. We learned that the twins went to work as soon as they got to Beacon Hills High, assessing whether Lydia (Holland Roden) or Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) were a soft spot for Scott. Aiden (Max Carver) is still strategically working his magic on Lydia, but it looks like Ethan (Charlie Carver) has developed actual feelings for Danny. He looked genuinely concerned at the hospital when Danny almost died, and frankly, if he didn’t care, he would have probably just let him die in the first place. Ethan is definitely the more likeable twin. Now that he’s fallen for the local charm, will he choose to run with a different pack? Can an Alpha join pack that already has an Alpha? What about one with two Alpha’s already?

In order to save his boss and mentor, Scott considered coming clean to the Sheriff and letting the cat (err, werewolf) out of the bag. I was sure we were about to have a moment straight out of Twilight ala Jacob revealing his supernatural-self to Sheriff Swan, but Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) put a quick kibosh to that. We did, however, get a shocker moment when Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson) admitted to being Dr. Deaton’s sister. We found this out a couple episodes of Teen Wolf ago, but it still wasn’t public info – until now. This puts a serious dent in my theory that she’s behind the sacrifices, but weirder things have happened on this show than family-on-family violence.

The Sheriff does come through in the end proving once again that he is more than just a paper pusher. Though I was holding my breath that Scott would somehow push through the force field created by the mountain ash, this was the next best thing. I give it a few more episodes before he finds out accidentally that werewolves exist. Scott’s mom seems to be doing alright with the supernatural stuff, and the Sheriff seems like a likely candidate to be able to handle it in a similar fashion. After all, it’s not like his own kid was turned. Honestly, if Miss Blake can deal with it, I’m fairly sure he can too.

In fact, Miss Blake seems to be doing exceptionally well accepting Derek – and his supernatural lifestyle. If I saw my new boyfriend’s eyes turn a nice shade of glowing red and grow facial hair and claws in the time it normally takes me to switch on the television, I can’t say I’d stick around to find out what’s coming next – not that she had much of a choice. On top of that, she just had half of her homeroom paraded in front of her and it barely seemed to register. Let’s take a roll call of who out of the Beacon Hills High student body was in attendance at Derek’s apartment this evening: Boyd, Isaac (Daniel Sharman), Lydia, Ethan, and Aiden. If finding out that a handful of her students are involved in whatever unlawful things are going on around town isn’t enough to scare her off, Derek might as well put a ring on it.

English class on Monday might be a bit awkward after this evening’s events. What do you think this means for the new couple? And, judging by how friendly Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) were getting in the closet, it looks like there might be double date potential in the near future. Do you want to see these two back together or could you live without the added drama? Let us know in the comment section below what you want to see happen on this season of Teen Wolf!

Until next episode.