Teen Wolf Review: “Echo House” (Season 3, Episode 20)


Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) may have been able to suppress the evil spirit, or Nogitsune, inside Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), but it was only long enough for a 72 hour psych evaluation. This set the stage to bring us back to the mental institute that was previewed on the last episode of Teen Wolf. There was something about this place that heightened Lydia’s (Holland Roden) banshee senses when it seemed like all of Beacon Hills was frantically searching for Stiles. And there’s still something mysterious about the facility. The only question is whether or not Stiles will find out what it is before he goes back to being a prisoner in his own body.

After his unexplained absence, most of which Stiles was locked inside his own mind for, he checks himself into what he describes as the “loony bin.” At first it seems like a random coincidence that Lydia was so intently attracted to this place as the site where Stiles had been during his disappearance, but nothing on Teen Wolf is ever random. It doesn’t take long before Stiles also realizes that this is where he spent at least part of that “lost” time. And that isn’t the only surprise he encounters.

It’s a small world, after all. In his first 24 hours, Stiles runs into not one, but two people that he was formerly acquainted with – Malia (Shelley Hennig), who we recently discovered is really Peter’s (Ian Bohen) daughter, and Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson), the druid/school guidance counselor.

Finding Ms. Morell at the institute shouldn’t have been a huge leap for anyone’s imagination. Her overarching role as a druid means that she is planted in this setting to keep the balance. With all the recent events combatting her efforts, it’s almost more of a surprise that she hasn’t shown up in an earlier episode during the second half of this season of Teen Wolf than it is seeing her now.

Malia is a bit more of a curve ball. Her appearance is troubling for a couple of reasons. First, it means that we are now actively working toward the public revelation that Peter has a child – something that as I mentioned last week could be either disastrous, or a blessing in disguise. Second, she just hooked up with Stiles (ignoring the gross factor of it being on an old couch in the basement of the mental institute where who knows what has taken place).

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  1. SunnyDsays:

    I know the general consensus is that Stiles and Malia had sex, but I really wonder because Stiles might be a little of a horn dog (i.e. the frantic search for a condom with Heather prior to her getting druidnapped, kissing on a bisexual girl drunk because her gf is dead) but stretches the boundaries of my imagination that he would actually have sex on the dusty couch of an insane asylum HE HIMSELF WANTED TO GO TO because of the murderous fox in his head. Plus, this is Teen Wolf, while teenage sexified, handles sex pretty maturely and Stiles didn’t have a condom. He’s already made it clear in the past that he’s all about safety, so I highly doubt he’s going to forget that while still in his right mind – now if the Nogitsune was in charge, I might have a differing opinion, so I’m going to say they made out, maybe went to second base, but no way did they slide into home.

    As for the werewolf bit, I’m hoping they don’t go that route, if only because its been hinted he has a “spark,” and I would rather they explore that angle (if they don’t temporarily kill him off that is). Now I’m not hoping he’ll go all out Darach ala Julia/Jennifer, so here’s to keeping him human with benefits. What I’m really hoping for in the next four eps (or maybe leading into season 4) is more info on Mama Stilinski. Did she really have dementia or was she too possessed? That’s a question of the ages because it would show just exactly how deep of roots Stiles has in the community, beyond his childhood and friends.

  2. sonny parrsays:

    Sunny D you make good points they didnt bang but I do think shes a new part of the group definetly and possibly styles new love interest (possibly a season 1 scott and allison). Argent mentioned berserkers that change form and i feel that wasnt mentioned for no reason and i think from the old line from Derek (that scott has his own pack) and being a true alpha a unique pack and i guess alison is the one to remain human although styles needs some kind of supernatural beef up so hes not so in harms way in the future. According to season 3a shits suppose to go down and all weve really gotten so far is the kitsune? No grandpa after he was spitting black, no jennifer whose body wasnt found, no badass peter who said he wants to be an alpha again, no killian??

    Alll in all theyve kept it very entertaining although that are spreading themselves to thin and now we dont see characters for entire episodes. I wanna see Scotts, oh shit moment of allison and issacc (who lives with him and threw him at a wall last time when not kissing her but melinda says hes family now). So is Scott really just letting it go? Speaking of Issac and spreading themselves thin, why hasn’t he healed at all yet? or is he becoming something else and were gonna get a split in the group ? are the twins here to stay at least both ? AND WHY THE H3LL IS DEREK STILL NOT GETTING ANYTHING? HE LOSSES HIS ALPHA POWERS AND SINCE HAS BEEN RIGHT ABOUT THE NIGUTSINE AND THEN GOT ARRESTED? i understand hes growing up but hes been the whipping boy since the second half of the second season. Is he gonna go with a new pack or go under scotts leadership i doubt it hes to badass.
    Kira’s kinda a badass and i feel like shes too good to have for the entirety of this season and next. and thats good alisons all we should care about.

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