Teen Wolf Review: “Illuminated” (Season 3, Episode 16)


Teen Wolf continued with its Halloween celebration this week on Illuminated and creepy doesn’t even begin to describe where the episode ended up. After last week’s shenanigans with the escaped mentally unstable convict targeting Kira (Arden Cho), the wolf pack still needs to figure out if that was an isolated incident or part of a larger master plan, and preferably before Scott’s father does. But with everything that’s going on, what better time is there to step back from the situation and take a party break?

In an attempt to appear people friendly (something Ethan (Max Carver) figured would be a selling point for them joining the pack), the Omega twins help Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) find a new location for his black light theme party. With the power still off in Beacon Hills thanks to the explosive ending of last week’s episode, finding a place to plug in turns out to be a difficult task – unless you’re a couple of werewolves who happen to have a “friend” out of town, who also just so happens to own his own generator.

Clearly Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) didn’t approve of them using his place to throw this epic rave, although it could have been that he had just been attacked by ninjas, who literally appeared out of the shadows and returned to them just as quickly –  that situation had mood killer written all over it. Otherwise, it almost would have been a nice surprise welcome home party for our favorite former-Alpha.

It’s hard to tell whether the shadow ninjas were targeting all the werewolves or just the ones that weren’t Alphas. They also went after Lydia (Holland Roden), which further clouds matters. If the sun hadn’t come up, would we have seen them attack Scott (Tyler Posey), too? Even with all the wolf testosterone floating around that loft, they didn’t appear to be any match for the men cloaked in tacky black and Chinese (err, Japanese) masks. Seriously, who wears black to a black light party?

The party was a relative who’s who as everyone who was anyone was in attendance. Considering the lights were off just about everywhere else, it doesn’t seem like the teenagers in town had too many other options (and why would they have wanted to be anywhere else?). It also gave some of the newer couples a chance to make an appearance. Although neither one has gone public, it looks like Scott and Kira are moving in that general direction, and Allison and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) are nearly there.

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