Teen Wolf Review: “Monstrous” (Season 4, Episode 10)



Teen Wolf finally revealed the identity of the benefactor on last week’s episode, but that didn’t signify the end of the excitement. Tonight’s episode, “Monstrous” started out with a fast paced game of hide and seek with two potential new victims of the deadpool and an onslaught of eager assassins, and kept the momentum going with forty-two minutes of heart-pounding excitement.

Kira (Arden Cho) returned to the screen this week, forging passed some of her weaker traits and saving the day her newly honed blade skills. It’s not that Kira is altogether a weak character, she just seems to embrace her awkward tendencies more often than not. It’s borderline adorable when it comes to her relationship with Scott (Tyler Posey), but it doesn’t extend further than that.

However, the most unorthodox, yet beautiful relationship we’ve seen on Teen Wolf as of late comes from lovebirds Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig). Fans have been waiting for nearly four season for Stiles to fall into something worth watching and here is your chance to embrace him in an all-new light. Malia may not have completely adjusted to life on two legs, but she has seemed to master what it means to care about someone else, even if she goes about it in some odd ways. And, Stiles is eager to reciprocate those new emotions. They also happen to make a pretty decent investigatory team, playing a key role in stopping everyone from becoming victims of the dwindling deadpool list.

Even before Allison’s death, Argent (JR Bourne) had become an asset to the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. His ability to see past the values that his father had instilled in him, along with his unique skill set makes him a powerful ally, even to a group of teenagers with their own impressive super human abilities. When it comes to an us vs. them situation, he’s definitely someone you want around, and not just him. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), with or without his werewolf traits, has the ability to rally the troops with his impressive former Alpha monologue tendencies, which we had the pleasure of experiencing in “Monstrous,” as well.

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