Teen Wolf Review: “Frayed” (Season 3, Episode 5)


Teen Wolf gave us one spliced up episode of television tonight, mixing the past and present to create a brilliant looking 42 minute cog in the season 3 storyline.

I’ll just start by acknowledging the usually unacknowledged and gush for a moment at how beautifully shot and edited this episode of Teen Wolf was. There is obviously some incredible talent behind the scenes of this show and they just keep outdoing themselves. One of the nicest perks of being a Teen Wolf viewer – besides the eye candy – is getting to see them continually try new things with the medium – angles, color treatments, etc. The look of the show is always evolving, yet it maintains a sense of continuity (i.e. you don’t even notice that they moved from Atlanta to LA) that makes the narrative even stronger.

However, despite the narrative on this episode being a bit weaker then we’ve seen lately – Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) dead, he’s not dead, he’s in hiding – the filler events definitely set the stage for a grander purpose later.  The idea of Derek dying at this point in the show is a bit ridiculous too. Yes, it would be a major shocker moment, but there’s still so much to do with his character – and plus, he’s one of the main characters, it would just be a waste all around.

We did get a taste of Scott (Tyler Posey) – the Alpha – this week though. His momentary change of eye color from the signature Beta-yellow to the Alpha-red (er, maybe more of a bright orange) went heavily unexplained and unacknowledged, yet gave us a  tinge of hope that he could become an Alpha without Derek having to die. Although, with or without Derek, Scott will surely be fine. It’s been pretty obvious over the last two seasons that he has all the makings of a leader and he provides a balance that the pack desperately needs to survive – especially with Derek’s brand of hot-headed leadership.

The pack definitely needs to try something different though. That scene of them fighting the Alphas was pretty pathetic. It wasn’t even like they were kind of, sort of not winning, it was more like they were being put down like a pack of semi-conscious emaciated kittens. Even Derek didn’t stand a bit of a chance against the lady wolf that never wears shoes, which in itself tends to be extremely distracting. It must be hard to stay under the radar when you show up everywhere all ‘shoeless Joe Jackson’ like.

Unless that’s the type of thing that would go unnoticed in Beacon Hills,  which it seems is the way so many odd things tend to go. I wonder if it’s the theory that people see what they want/what they can handle in action. It would definitely explain why no one on the bus, even those with a knack for super-human hearing, could hear the extraordinarily loud and sensitive conversation going on between Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Scott. Or, noticed the clawed-hand ready to lay the smack down on one-half of the conjoined Alpha-twins. In fact, everyone being completely oblivious seems to be a thing. At the very least, someone would have overheard Stiles screaming into the phone.

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