Teen Wolf Review: “Frayed” (Season 3, Episode 5)

Teen Wolf

Semantics aside, Stiles had some great lines on this episode of Teen Wolf, as per usual. As the comedic presence on the show, they save the best stuff for him – and watching his delivery is like watching Allison (Crystal Reed) hit her mark, every time, if that actually happened. With so many characters that suffer from ‘serious much’  syndrome, Stiles is the perfect brand of sidekick.

And not that it’s particularly unusual these days, but Stiles also kind of saved the day. Scott was busy throwing himself an intense version of a pity party, ignoring the oozing gash on his side that was failing to heal itself, while Stiles decided to call for back-up. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly that Allison and Lydia (Holland Roden) were conveniently following the cross country team bus – or more specifically, Allison was stalking her ex-boyfriend after saving his behind the night before.

Which leads to a logistical failure for this episode of Teen Wolf. In order to figure out what was going on, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia half-carry Scott into the men’s restroom at a rest area. Once again, that’s rest area, as in public restrooms. What are the chances that none of the other guys on the bus, or other travelers stopping, would go in there? And no one was posted outside deterring anyone either. Yes, we are talking about a reality where werewolves exist, so that might seem like a minor detail, but would it have been that difficult to change the sign to like a single-stalled family one during post?

Other than that, the episode ran pretty smoothly. The juxtaposition between the backstory and the present wasn’t harsh to the point where jumping back completely took you out of what was happening in the present, and vice versa, which is always a risk.

Even though you secretly knew the entire episode that Derek was alive, it was jarring not to know where he was. If the Alpha-pack guy ended up at the animal clinic, where did Derek go? And, how did he end up in the parking lot of the high school so many hours later? Peter (Ian Bohen) isn’t the only one uncomfortable with unaccounted time. It is a great way to segue into the Derek/Miss Blake (Haley Webb) relationship though. It looks like this romantic connection is definitely happening despite those fans that are rabidly against it. If that’s you, do you think it is something that will grow on you eventually?

And, I’m just going to go ahead and say I told you so about Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) and Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson). It looks like they are indeed brother and sister. Except the good doctor seems fairly planted on the side of justice, and his little sister seems to be on-call for the dark side. If they’re both druids, does that mean that she is behind the sacrifices? Wouldn’t that be tragic if Dr. Deaton had to choose between doing the right thing and his sister at the end of this season. Dr. Deaton seems more like the self-sacrificing type. Thoughts?

The Alpha pack is down one member and Derek is on healing-hiatus for the time being. Without the strongest member of the home team, will our favorite werewolves be an easy target? Let us know in the comment section below if you think the Alpha’s will attack again on the next episode of Teen Wolf!

Best moment award: Scott reluctantly transitioning into a werewolf at the beginning of the fight sequence.

Until next episode.