Teen Wolf Season Finale Review: “The Divine Move” (Season 3, Episode 24)


Teen Wolf wrapped up the second half of its third season pretty much in the same fashion as the first. The Divine Move started with chaos, leaned toward happily ever after somewhere just passed the midway point, and wrapped up with a nicely loaded cliffhanger that’s sure to keep fans hooked until the show returns with all new episodes this June.

Even though the shock of Allison’s (Crystal Reed) death left fans with mixed feelings, it had a somber effect on the remaining characters. The loss of such a major protagonist in the series was both appropriate for the story being told and heart-wrenching at the same time. The death toll in Beacon Hills being at a record high, Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack are hardly unfamiliar with the emotions attached to loss. At this point in their development, it must almost seem like second nature.

Handling this tragedy with particular grace was Allison’s father, who instead of losing himself in his grief shared an intimate moment with Isaac (Daniel Sharman), a character who will have more trouble than most moving forward from this emotional blow. The connection established between Isaac and Allison led him to connect the dots which served as a means to the end. Allison may have spent most of her last moments confessing her undying love for Scott, but she did try to tie it up by pointing her father in the right direction – how to defeat the Uni.

The Uni have proven to be an incredible challenge over the course of the second half of season three. First under the direction of Kira’s (Arden Cho) mother, and at the very end, in an impressive plot twist, controlled by the Nogitsune. The latter unleashed the Uni as his own personal anarchists, using them as powerful allies in his quest to create the chaos he desperately craved. Before Allison became a victim of these near indestructible spirit warriors, she managed to kill one of them, breaking the illusion that they were invisible. Once this realization sunk in, Isaac was able to decipher her final message. And just in time.

After inflicting a slew of pain on the residents of Beacon Hills, the Nogitsune faces off with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Scott, and the rest of their supernatural squad. Fans have waited half a season to find out what was going to happen to Stiles. Some of the pressure was removed after Allison died on last week’s episode, fulfilling the prophecy of a main character being killed off. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t still a possibility lingering in the air. Fortunately, this fan favorite won’t be going anywhere just yet. The trade off being that another familiar face exited in this episode instead.

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