Teen Wolf Season Premiere Review: “Tattoo” (Season 3, Episode 1)

 Teen Wolf

Besides the never-ending emotional drama circulating this episode of Teen Wolf, there’s also the more tangent issue of animals gone awry. Watching that deer pummel into the front of Lydia’s (Holland Roden) car was startling to say the least – even when you saw it coming. Not to mention the homage to Alfred Hitchcock in the form of dozens of crows smashing through the classroom window not long after that. Animal suicides seem to be enough out of the ordinary to garner some attention, even in a town that seems to send out personal invitations to werewolves, and the like, asking them to come by for a visit and stay awhile.

The entire time the birds were attacking, I had this overwhelming feeling that there was something off about the new English teacher. It’s possible that she just had about the creepiest first day of the school year possible, but nothing ever seems that simple in the Teen Wolf universe. That just wouldn’t make for good television. We already know from last season that at least a couple of the high school employee’s have a connection to supernatural comings and going in Beacon Hill, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for that to be the case here. Despite her shell-shocked appearance after the attack, she might turn out to be more than meets the eye. And she wouldn’t be the only one.

Teen Wolf now has its own set of identical twins that just arrived in town. If you were to run into them in the high school hallway, they seem harmless, however, apparently they have some weird melding power that we got a taste of earlier on. They may be fun to gawk at, but in reality that’s probably where the fun ends. If Lydia’s past tendency toward bad relationship choices are any indicator, she won’t be able to stay away from them. Although she has been able to hold her own on occasion, more often than not she ends up playing the damsel in distress role. A role that isn’t exactly flattering on anyone. Hopefully this season we see her character move in a different direction.

With an Alpha pack taking up residence in the area, it would be a good time for everyone to brush up on their self-reliance skills. The pack divided has had a hard enough time working together to defeat individual threats, let alone an entire super-charged pack that goes around leaving a calling card on any available surface. Derek and Scott may be co-existing now, but there’s no telling how long that will last. These two better find a way to work together or it might be the end for both of them, and anyone else they care about.

The emergence of an Alpha pack defeats any preconceived notions of pack hierarchy that we’ve come to accept. Apparently this new breed of pack still has its own version of a leader, but they act independently to achieve the same goal. It’s too early to tell how much power this leader ultimately has over the other members, yet Alphas by nature don’t take direction well. The bigger question is how did they become rivals to Beacon Hills small squad of werewolves – most of which were only recently turned? And, are they responsible for holding the two missing members hostage? With the Argents out of the werewolf hunting business for the moment, is there another anti-werewolf coalition gearing up to take control of the territory?

What do you think the mystery girl meant when she referred to who Scott might become? I smell a prophecy! Let us know your thoughts on the season three premiere of Teen Wolf in the comment section below.

Until next episode.