Teen Wolf Review: “Anchors” (Season 3, Episode 13)



What’s really interesting though is seeing just how this open door into death is manifesting itself for each teen. Scott is having full wolf meltdowns. Allison is getting unwelcome visits from her brutally murdered aunt. And, Stiles’ images are just sort of all over the place with variations of language connecting the dots. It makes sense that something of this nature would tap into personal fears, but it’s remarkable just how vivid they are becoming, and equally inescapable.

Another main theme for the second half of this season involves Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby), who’s become an increasingly important character as the show progresses. Now that the sheriff has been brought into the supernatural loop, he’s starting to re-investigate cases from over the last eight years that have left him with a gut feelings that something was perhaps a little off. Not surprising, he starts at the beginning with his first official assignment as sheriff, and he’s spot on.

I’m not sure if this is going to lead to an entire re-evaluation of his career thus far (which may be coming to an end shortly if Scott’s dad has anything to say about it), or if this will tangent into finding out where this one particular case went. Scott and Stiles are already on the hunt for answers, and if there are werewolves involved, it could lead them to the next big story arc. Perhaps even to a werewolf that knows more than Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who is currently disposed at the moment.

In a surprise ending, Teen Wolf gave us a brief glimpse into what Derek’s been up to since we saw him leave town – and it doesn’t look particularly pleasant. There was virtually no explanation for how he got himself into this predicament, except that it was at least partially Peter’s fault, and no sign of Cora (Adelaide Kane). This shouldn’t come as any huge shock to fans since Kane is now playing the lead in the CW’s historical drama, Reign. I don’t expect we’ll be seeing much of her as the season wraps itself up, but there will probably be a mention of her at some point when Derek reunites with his (err, Scott’s) pack.

Were you bummed not to see more of Derek? Did any of those hallucinations leave you with goosebumps? What do you think Kira’s back story is? Let us know all your thoughts on this episode of Teen Wolf in the comment section below!

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