The 100 Review: “Bodyguard Of Lies” (Season 2, Episode 14)


I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Jaha’s (Isaiah Washington) arc this season, despite falling for the Murphy-isn’t-a-psychopath storyline. After his triumphant arrival on Earth, he hasn’t really given fans any reason to follow his lead. Of course, his City of Lights seems to be the direction the story is going in for season three, but the process of getting there has been exhausting – and, not in a good way. While Clarke and the rest of the characters are off battling the Mountain Men, Jaha has been on his own side mission, complete with high hopes and a high body count. He took 12 people with him, and when they were booking it across the last leg of the desert (the most visually appealing scene of the evening), I only counted four – a 75 percent mortality rate.

Jaha certainly exhibits some similar traits to the Grounder commander, though. Both he and Lexa seem comfortable with loss of life, as long as it’s for the greater good. In Jaha’s case, he thinks that this is eventually going to be what saves his people – a refuge for his displaced population. Once the Mountain Men are defeated and the alliance is extinguished, the Sky people will have no real reason to stay put. At first glance, this seems like a pretty big departure from his days as Chancellor, but even then, he wasn’t above sacrifice. After all, the entire show is based on the idea that he was willing to let 100 teenagers die in order to find out if the ground was a safe option.

Although viewers had a glimpse of how limited the defenses are at Mount Weather after Bellamy struck, I doubt the writers are going to let them go out without taking a fairly epic last stand. It’s only a matter of time before Clarke and the grounders breach the perimeter, but by then, how many of her friends are actually going to be left? The 100 is wrapping things up, and there’s sure to be a few curve balls before the screen fades to the credits for the last time this season.